About Us

GoHeal is a proprietary topical application ointment that has been clinically proven to heal non healing wounds, chronic diabetic wounds, burns & bedsores. It is made of all natural herbs and plant extracts with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. 

How does GoHeal work?

It enhances the arterial leg inflow in patients by promoting natural muscular contractions of the legs (calf muscle pump) and this helps in the stimulation of blood flow. The main reason wounds do not heal in diabetic patients is because of the decreased blood flow in the blood vessels and the blood that is contained within the walls of these vessels is non-oxygenated blood. When non-oxygenated blood is trapped in the lower extremity, the tissues are deprived of the nutrients that are needed in promoting natural healing of wounds. However, as the GoHeal ointment has the properties to promote muscular contractions in the calf muscle pump; it helps to propel the blood back into the heart and in turn, provide nutrients and oxygenated blood back into the tissues of the lower leg and foot. The other important mechanism that works within the limb with the GoHeal application is consistent draining off of edema. This excess fluid trapped within the tissues, when drained, reduces swelling and discoloration of the skin and also heals venous dermatitis. When edema is drained off, it promotes efficient stimulation of blood flow, thus providing the required nutrients which accelerate the natural wound healing process with high efficiency.
Our Heart
Is at giving relief to people suffering from wounds and burns
Our Mission 
To help people who have lost their mobility due to non healing wounds gain their freedom.

Story Behind GoHeal

Colaco Healthcare Private Limited first started as a home based community clinic in Mangalore helping diabetic patients and patients with Chronic wounds in and around Mangalore city. This effort then grew into parts of Kerala and other states. This increase led the company to accept phone & video consultations on wound care and it’s effective treatment. With an increase in the number of Diabetic wound patients it started it’s further research on it’s proprietary herbal ointment that would help in the healing of diabetic, chronic and all kinds of non-healing wounds much faster, so to relieve their pain and agony. After five years of dedication towards research and development, GoHeal – a unique ointment that is proven effective on most kinds of wounds, came into being.