Toilevator Toilet Base Riser

The Toilevator Toilet Base Riser is an innovative way to raise a toilet seat without the use of traditional clunky, plastic toilet seat risers. Easy to use and install, the Toilet Base Riser boosts the entire toilet from the bottom and blends in with the bathroom to provide a more discreet way of assisting those with mobility needs. Helps those with arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis and makes using the toilet easier for those with knee surgery or a broken hip or very tall.

The Toilevator® can be used on most round or elongated toilets.
The Toilevator® GRANDE can be used on the newer and larger base toilets such as American Standard Boulevard & Antiquity series, Kohler Cimaron, Bancroft and Rialto series, Crane Titan series, Eljer Titan Pro series and many more.
A clean, sanitary and safe way to raise your toilet height.
Adds 3.5 inches in height as recommended by the ADA
(23 1/4″ depth x 11 7/16″ width x 3 1/2″ height for Toilevator)
(28 3/4″ depth x 15 1/4″ width x 3 1/2″ height for Toilevator GRANDE)
500 lbs weight capacity.
User’s sit on their actual toilet seat.
Discreet and durable, fits under your existing toilet.
The kit comes complete with all needed parts.
An inexpensive answer to purchaseing a new, higher toilet.
Great for all ages
Pleasing to the eye – does not look like a medical device
Blends in with the bathroom surroundings
One year warranty.
Can easily be removed, or moved, if the need is temporary.

How to Install
Easy to install, one-time-installation with a complete do-it-yourself kit: Spacer base, soil pipe extension, long closet bolts, hexagon nuts, washers, trim caps, wax seals, extended flexible water hose and installation instructions

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"We are very pleased with our Ella Royal Walk-in bathtub. With my wife having undergone knee replacement surgery and another one required in about a year the installation of this bathtub makes it possible for her to continue to have regular baths which she prefers over the shower. The unit is very well constructed from our observation and feedback from the contractor who installed the unity, is spacious and stylish. We highly recommend this unit to anyone thinking in stalling a walk-in bath"

- L. Boone

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