Self Cleaning Bidet

What is a bidet?
In many countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America a bidet is often found in the bathroom. It is a basin near the toilet that is used to clean the genitals and anal area after using the toilet or whenever a “freshening up” is needed. The first time you use a bidet it can be somewhat intimidating. However it is very simple and hygienic to use.

Why use a bidet?
The purpose of the bidet is to help clean off after toilet use. It is a hygienic substitute for toilet paper.  Now, instead of a basin near the toilet, you can install a self cleaning bidet to your existing toilet making it very easy to use and it does not take up any room in your bathroom.

Benefits of a self cleaning bidet:
* easy to use for seniors and disabled as it is hands free
* helps people that suffer from hemorrhoids and other bowel related problems
* natural, hygienic and better for the skin
* less irritation or rashes with reduced toilet paper usage
* eco-friendly as less toilet paper is used
* only one flush is required, therefore reduce water consumption
* with the decrease in toilet paper usage comes less clogs in the toilet

Features of a self cleaning bidet that you should look for are:
– smooth water flow lever control that making the cleaning with water very easy
– simple to install
– does not take any space in the bathroom and toilet
– allows for cleansing without changing the posture or getting up from the bowl
– suitable for all Standard and One piece toilets
– flexibility to use as straight or upwards water flow
– easily removed so it can be taken out in rental homes to wherever you go
– no hanging faucets around the toilet area so it will not disturb regular toilet cleaning
– no electricity required and maintenance free

There are many different options of self cleaning bidets.  These are just a few:

1) Self cleaning bidet right hand operation for Standard and One piece toilets;
2) Self cleaning bidet left hand operation for Standard and One piece toilets;
3) Self cleaning bidet with hot and cold water options for Standard and One piece toilets (right hand operation);
4) Self cleaning bidet with hot and cold water options for Standard and One piece toilets (left hand operation).

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